Co-partners of Campesinas
Supporting Rural Women and Youth in Central America

What you can do:


You can be a Co-partner by:


  • contributing money,


  • donating goods, or


  • volunteering.
Please use the button below to donate to Co-partners from your Paypal account, or from your credit card.  And thank you!



(left) Co-partners volunteer Jen Duffy leads a group of Salvadoran children in an exercise of self-expression through drawing.

Exercises where the children describe their lives lead to discussions about threats to their development and welfare, for example, poverty, domestic violence, and gangs.

We raise funds through:


An Annual Campaign. We send solicitation letters out in late November to early December to current and prospective donors. The letter is accompanied by an annual newsletter that updates supporters on the year’s accomplishments.  Contributors also recrve a midyear newsletter to update them on progress.


An Annual Fundraiser  Through the generosity of Luis Reyes, co-owner of the renowned Lauriol Plaza restaurant in Washington DC, we hold an annual "happy hour" and craft sale.   

Crafts fairs.  Co-partners holds annual holiday crafts sales at various sites throughout the metropolitan Washington area. Volunteers purchase crafts during work trips to El Salvador and Guatemala and sell them at local holiday sales. We also participate in alternative gift fairs where buyers purchase specific donations to honor family or friends rather than giving material gifts.


Grants. Co-partners receives an annual grant from the Nova Intentional Eucharistic Community and from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. We have received several grants from the Emily Sandal Memorial Fund for specific training courses. We participate in the Combined Federal Campaign.


Why support Co-Partners?


Contributions go directly to in-country, self-help organizations. Our co-partners in El Salvador and Guatemala, despite limited education and experience, have successfully managed programs and finances over many years.  Volunteers pay their own expenses.


The expressed needs of local partners are the basis for local progamming. Stable, long term, personal relationships with our partners in Central America ensure that funds are well spent and accounted for and that outcomes are achieved.

What your contribution will buy:

  • $30 will buy motivational packages of school supplies for three children.

  • $50 will pay for transportation, school fees and supplies, enabling a high school student to continue studying for two months.

  • $100 will support weekly skills classes for 25 girls and women for a month.

  • $1000 will support the initial organization of a new business and skills training center.


In-kind donations:


We seek in-kind donations of sewing supplies and laptop computers in the Washington D.C. area. Donated items are taken to El Salvador or Guatemala by volunteers. Volunteers are asked to live out of their carry-on bag and use their luggage allowance to transport donated goods.

    Please use the Donate button below to donate from your PayPal account to ours, or from your credit card. And thanks!
    Co-Partners of Campesinas
    Federal government employees may use the number 61291 to donate through the
    Combined Federal Campaign.








    (left) Youth volunteers who worked in a child enrichment program.

    The Volunteer Experience

    A typical volunteer trip takes about two weeks and consists of a brief in-country orientation followed by five to seven days of work. Volunteers work under the guidance of experienced members of Co-partners of Campesinas. Volunteers pay their own expenses. These include airfare (around $600), local transportation (from $60 to $200), and daily expenses of about $35 per day per person. The total cost of the experience is approximately $1,000.

    Volunteers do not need to be experienced teachers, but should enjoy teaching and working with youth. Intermediate Spanish is needed for English and Enrichment programs. Excellent Spanish is needed for leadership workshops.


    You'd like to volunteer, but you don't speak Spanish, or your Spanish is rusty?

    Guatemala has many wonderful language schools.  Our experience has been that for an individual with rusty high school Spanish, a week-long refresher course is sufficient for participation in our programs. Participants without any previous Spanish need two or three weeks of intensive classes.

    Interested? Contact Co-partners chairperson Archer Heinzen at 703-548-6713 or And thanks!