Co-partners of Campesinas 
Helping Rural Women and Youth in Central America

A Permanent Center for La Nueva Esperanza

This is a view of the new building, now nearly complete and in operation, a permanent wholly-owned home for La Nueva Esperanza's programs in training and education.

Co-partners of Campesinas has successfully raised the funds for this building.  A huge thank-you to all our donors! 

For eighteen years a valiant group of women in Ilobasco have been running an educational and training organization for rural women and youth, using small grants they receive from the US.  They call their organization La Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) to reflect their hope for a better life after El Salvador's civil war. Over 800 women have learned dressmaking and tailoring. Over fifty percent report new earnings from their new skills. Over 100 youth have learned computer skills.  Others have learned to make traditional crafts and natural medicines and reported good earnings. Over 200 children have received scholarships for school supplies and school transportation money.  La Nueva Esperanza has lost the borrowed location where they have worked for the last ten years. To continue, they needed a meeting place. We built it, and they are coming.  

 We still need funds to equip the facility with  computers, sewing machines, and materials of many kinds.  Please use the button below to donate from your Paypal account or your credit card.  And thank you!
Another view of the new center.
Archer Heinzen, founder of Co-partners, wields a shovel at the groundbreaking.

The kitchen in the facility as it appeared immediately after completion.  Much more equipment needed!
Co-partners of Campesinas