Co-partners of Campesinas
Supporting Rural Women and Youth in Central America




School attendance of 250 impoverished, elementary-school-age Guatemalan children is guaranteed annually by the provision of packages of school supplies costing $10 each. Since 1997 over 2,000 children have received scholarships of school supplies.

Aided by transportation scholarships, rural youth commute to towns that offer schooling beyond the six grades available in rural communities. In El Salvador 15 youths receive scholarships each year.

Over 100 youths have learned computer skills, allowing them to continue their academic education.


Children are staying in school longer. Many more youth are completing high school. One former scholarship recipient is studying at a university. She is the first in her community and region to do so.

Using scholarships for specialized training two young women and a young man have completed training in community health nursing.



Over 800 girls and women have learned dressmaking/ tailoring. Over 50 percent report additional income from their new skills. Others have learned to make traditional crafts and natural medicines and have reported additional earnings. Using the income generation skills they have learned in Co-partners' classes, women increase family income and provide their children with improved nutrition and health care.



Members of our partner organizations are serving on community and school boards.


As a result of a Co-partners needs assessment workshop, four young women from the rural community of Azacualpa organized a summer enrichment program for out-of-school children, 25 of whom enrolled in or returned to school in the next academic year.

Co-partners' Success Stories:

Production of School Uniforms

The Salvadoran Ministry of Education contracts with small workshops for production of school uniforms for entire schools.  In San Francisco Echeverría, four graduates of Co-partners' classes successfully applied for and won a contract.  Although initially unsure of themselves, Yessy, Ester, Aracely, and Santos found that as a group they had all the skills needed for successful production. Since Yessy was the most skilled cutter, she became the cutting specialist, while the other three members sewed the uniforms. The women were able to earn about $8/day, a significant wage for women in rural El Salvador. They successfully produced 329 uniforms and were congratulated on their consistent quality. Recognizing the quality of their sewing, one of the schools requested that they make special folkloric costumes for a school event. In response to their growing reputation, the women have received additional requests and are now working almost full time.





Inspired by a leadership workshop, four young women from Azacualpa organized a summer, enrichment program for children that resulted in 25 children enrolling in or returning to school in the next academic year.


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